Major Event about to happen…

This Stock continues with HIGH volume! OUR BIG WINNER TODAY!!!

Trade Date: Mon, Jul 1, 2013
Name: Biostem
Ticker Symbol: H_A_I_R
Current price: 0.24
Short Term Target: .90

This Company had an AMAZING day today. It could rally in a


A Bullish Run Up The Charts

It Opens HIGHER AGAIN on NEWS! Why this company could EXPLODE shortly…

Trade Date: July, 1
Company Name: Biostem US Corporation
Symbol traded: HAI_R
Closed Price: $.24
Target Price: $1.10

It Is Making a Comeback. This Company Should Rally In the AM!!!

Get Ready! New GIANT Play Coming after the Bell!

Great Penny Multi-Bagger Alert. Subsribers hurry since H AI_R is selling for just 24 cent and is also ready to go High. H AI_R includes a tiny float & a small volume of Outstanding shares. We’re feeling H AI_R will probably be our Largest stock so far for 2013. H AI_R just simply leaked Headlines of an European possible expansion which could get this pick go PARABOLIC but the market hasn’t discovered it yet. Members, drop what you’re doing Right This Moment and pull-up H AI_R on your level II quotes before it’s far too late and you find yourself chasing this place. There’s a lot of new information on to be sold. Locks are our newest number one choice within the micro cap markets and H AI_R promises being is there a gainer later this week within the micro cap markets. We consider featuring H AI_R in the next 3 days however we feel those who don’t ACT FAST can become chasing H AI_R better short-term. (considering .60) H AI_R is trading way undervalued for just .25 cents. H AI_R reminds us of another sub penny pick we recently covered and gave you where it ran 180% in just 2 days. Don’t wait Do It!

Market Mover

Stay ready for Huge Rally activity. We have seen it lately as market maker manipulation try to start confusion to sellers to sell of of their holdings at super cheap levels and recently was similar activity. What they created was development of a Gigantic profit opportunity for us solid and confident traders. With real strategy and exciting news ready to hit the media, HA_IR must promptly peak towards highest levels asap. We are surely accepting this opportunity to add and lock our stock long duration for Large returns. We alerted you to assume the Large Trading and its coming!!! The latest stock amount just hit the absolute low, today its time to grab as much as you can. Massive updates are approaching. Just note whats developing with the YouTube partnership. Youtube has become a new partner for investors attainment for HA_IR. Big developments coming and Monday is the time to grab, meantime the stock price reaches the low you should grab as many as you could!!!

This Company is on its way! Big news out

Be ready for Large Rally buying!!! We did experience it often as short sellers manipulation try to entice panic to sellers to dump all of their shares at super cheap levels and lately was same thing. What they achieved was set up a Massive profit opportunity for us clever and risky buyers. With good management and exciting news going to distribute the portals, H AIR must swiftly pop towards record levels Monday. We are definitely taking this possibility to add and keep our shares long duration for Large $$$. We warned you to await the Massive Rally and its advancing. The latest share amount just attained the absolute low, Monday its time to trade as plenty as you can. Large developments are advancing. Just analyze whats happening with the YouTube distribution. Youtube has being a valuable affiliate for investors obtainment for H AIR. Huge developments approaching and Monday is the time to add, while the share cost dips the low you better add as plenty as you may!!!