Get Ready! New GIANT Play Coming after the Bell!

Great Penny Multi-Bagger Alert. Subsribers hurry since H AI_R is selling for just 24 cent and is also ready to go High. H AI_R includes a tiny float & a small volume of Outstanding shares. We’re feeling H AI_R will probably be our Largest stock so far for 2013. H AI_R just simply leaked Headlines of an European possible expansion which could get this pick go PARABOLIC but the market hasn’t discovered it yet. Members, drop what you’re doing Right This Moment and pull-up H AI_R on your level II quotes before it’s far too late and you find yourself chasing this place. There’s a lot of new information on to be sold. Locks are our newest number one choice within the micro cap markets and H AI_R promises being is there a gainer later this week within the micro cap markets. We consider featuring H AI_R in the next 3 days however we feel those who don’t ACT FAST can become chasing H AI_R better short-term. (considering .60) H AI_R is trading way undervalued for just .25 cents. H AI_R reminds us of another sub penny pick we recently covered and gave you where it ran 180% in just 2 days. Don’t wait Do It!


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