Our New Technical Report

This Company Is Starting To Run! Making all the right moves!

Target Price: 1.40
Traded as: H_A_I_R
Last Trade: $.0311
Trade Date: Wed, Jul 31, 2013
Name: Biostem U.S. Corp.

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Sym: H A I_R
It is now: $0.0311
Target: $1.25
Trading Date: Jul, 31
Company: Biostem U.S. Corporation

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Super Bowl

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Trade: H_A I_R
Trade Date: July 29th
Company: Biostem US Corporation
Buy at: .035
Short Term Target: 1.10

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Immediate Alert

Big news!!! This Company Just Released News!

Company Name: Biostem U.S. Corp.
Trade Date: Mon, Jul 29th
Sym: H A_I R
Per share price: $0.035
Long Term Target: .90

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